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It Starts with One Call:

Before we commit to a long-term coaching relationship, particularly at a high level, it's important that we carefully evaluate the best way to proceed. 

We have a couple of different coaching "packages," but before even offering that, we need to have an initial session so that you are comfortable with moving forward long term, and so that I can evaluate if we are a good fit for long-term coaching.

Please understand NOT ALL APPLICANTS for long-term coaching can be accepted.

While this initial call is not free, it is heavily discounted and is all about providing you with specific action items and laser coaching to get you moving in the right direction, whether we move forward with a full coaching package or not.

After claiming your spot below, I will be in contact with you to schedule our first call.



"Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. Here's a highlight quote from this person. "

Featuring the Work of Bob Doyle from "The Secret"

Tired of "Working on it?"
Let's get it DONE.

Executive Coaching from Bob Doyle of "The Secret"
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"I've been looking for ways to feel better for so many years . . . I started to abandon my dreams because they seemed too impossible . . . I'm so glad I did this . . . It was the best thing I ever did for myself."


"It's totally changed my whole world . . . this ball just started rolling . . . these people started coming into my life . . . now I don't control anything and everything seems to happen exactly how I want it."

It's all about RESULTS...

I could sit here and tell you how powerful the coaching is all day long, but when it comes down to it, it's really the results of the clients that matter most.


"You're not sitting in a workshop, isolated from the reality of the world. You're in the mix of things that are happening and you're able to get one on one coaching . . .  "


"I was hoping to see the power strengthen even more - and it has . . . it's been incredible . . . it did change me."


"You hear these aha moments that say, "yah, that's what I've been thinking about" . . . you're in there together for a reason . . . that just explodes your experience."

"I just want to mention how grateful I am that I did that  . . .  as we're talking I'm flashing back over many of the very raw moments that I had . . . it's like when a doctor takes you out of pain - you're just so grateful."



"The results have been awesome . . . I know understand the process of visualizing your vision . . . we both have had the most astonishing experiences over the last month."

"I went from being out of the workforce . . . in two weeks from now I'm actually up on stage as part of an orchestra playing to over 1000 people . . . that's all occured in a space of 30 days . . . it's this process that made the difference."



"I never had quite had the fulfilling experience that I just had with Bob Doyle in any of the other programs. . . the difference is Bob Doyle keeps it real, makes it human . . . there's always more to learn."

First, let me be clear.

This is an Executive Level coaching program, and our full packages start at $5,000...but this page offers an opportunity to get a taste of this coaching at a deep discount.

As professionals ourselves, we know that to invest at that level or above, you want to be assured that you are working with someone who can get you results.

And as an executive, or someone who is willing to invest in themselves at a significant level, you know the value of time.  This is why I'm offering anyone who is considering a longterm coaching relationship, a deeply discounted hour-long session, in which I guarantee to deliver immense value. After all, this is my opportunity to show you first hand, that I can help you to get the results in your life, professional or personal, that you are looking for. 

This stories shared on this page tell the story of results obtained working with me, but in a group coaching environment. This is because my focus has been on group coaching for the past couple of years.

However, the requests for private coaching have been escalating, and I've realized that as much as I LOVE group coaching, it is not necessarily the solution for everyone.

So what do I mean by Executive Coaching?

People of all kinds seek coaching. Some who are new to coaching are often timid about investing a lot in themselves because they may just be starting out on their journey, and perhaps investing in this level of coaching would create a financial hardship.

While we have other ways of helping people in these situations, that is not what this coaching program is about.

If investing in a $5,000 program is "scary" or would put in financial dire straits, then you are not a fit for this particular program. 

The price should not be the factor. What matters is whether you believe that your results are worth that amount, and if you feel I can help you GET those results.

The word "Executive" simply implies that you've already reached some level of success, and now you'd like to go even further - but perhaps have hit a wall, or are going through a "down cycle" and could benefit from some in-depth coaching to literally "re-wire" yourself for the next step in your journey - professional, or personal.
This is an opportunity easily suited for people who already know who I am, understand that I deliver, and are ready to get this DONE.  But if you don't have a lot of experience with me, then having a private session is THE best way to get that experience. And of course, you can view the testimonial videos on this page.

This page is not about rehashing my credentials​​​​​​​. This page is here so that you we can initiate a conversation to see if long-term coaching is the solution for you, and it starts with a discounted session, focused on fast-tracking your next course of action, whether private coaching is appropriate or not.

Take a listen to what others have said about working with me, and then grab your slot for a preliminary call.

There is no reason to wait another moment.